What Accessories Do I Need For My Phone?

I love using my smart phone for pretty much everything in my daily life because they are so convenient and they can do so many different things that I can’t manage to do on my own.

The problem with smart phones like an iPhone or an Android is that they still often need accessories to do certain things and if I want to do something like take a good picture, go for a jog with my phone, or charge it on the go, I am going to need some specific accessories, all of which I am most likely going to buy from Campad Electronics. Here are some of the accessories that I am currently looking to buy.

Arm Strap

I really love to get my daily workout routine in and that can mean going for a jog, a bike ride, or even a hike with my dogs, but when I am on the go I usually wear shorts that don’t have any pockets. This means that I need a good arm strap and sports carrying case to hold my smart phone.

I am currently looking for a good smart phone sports case that will fit perfectly on my upper arm, preferably one that uses Velcro, and also one that has a protective layer for the screen in case I take a tumble during my exercise. There are a few great models I am looking at right now that are featured on Campad electronics, but I’m just not sure which one I want yet.

An Extra Lens

Taking pictures with my smart phone is really convenient because it means that I don’t have to carry a camera around with me wherever I go. Using my smart phone I can take a picture of anything. The problem here is that smart phone camera lenses often don’t suit my needs and their quality usually isn’t good enough. That’s why I have been looking for a great clip on lens that is compatible with my phone.

Campad has a few great models that can simply clip on and they are ready to go. I’m looking for a model that isn’t too bulky, will provide great HD resolution, has macro and wide shot capabilities, and a flash feature too. All of these things are features that I want my camera lens to have because I want to be able to take the best pictures possible.

A Good Charger

One of the other things that I need for my smart phone is a new charger. Sure my old charger works great, but it can only charge my phone in the form of a UB connection to the computer. This is why I am now looking for a charger that comes with a wall plug and a car plug too.

I like taking road trips and that means having to charge my phone on the go. Therefore having a charger that can plug in to the power port of my car is vital to my phone’s survival.

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