The Abrupt End To My Journey

Hey guys, I’m back to give you another little snippet from my life. Of course I’m here to give you some advice, but I also just like to tell my stories to others. This particular story involves a faulty brake line, a garage door, and a very disgruntled person, also known as myself. Anyway let’s get right to it.

Last month I was returning home from quite a long business trip where I was taking stunning photos for my photography website and I managed to completely destroy my garage door as I was getting home in the middle of the night. My first thought was where am I going to find garage door repair in Las Vegas at this time of night?

I know what you are thinking, “Why didn’t he take a plane?” Well I didn’t take a plane because it was only a 14 hour drive and the tickets for a flight were ridiculously expensive, so I decided to make the trip with my trusty minivan, the only problem being that apparently I couldn’t trust it! Everything was fine until I got back home, or should I say until right before I got back home.

Right as I was pulling into my driveway to park the car in the garage something went horribly wrong. To be fair 2 things went wrong. First my garage clicker stopped working so it didn’t open up when it should have. That combined with the fact that the brakes on my minivan went bust at the same time resulted in quit a crash and an even louder bang.

Let me say that I’m alive and well, but my car and my garage door were not so lucky. Probably the worst part about the whole experience was that my most prized camera went flying off the front seat and smashed on the dashboard.

The minivan wasn’t even the biggest issue because it was old, already full of scratches, and was in need of a tune up anyway. The problem was my garage door which I just had replaced; it was completely wrecked. The door was bent, the rails were disconnected, and of course the electronic clicker didn’t work either.

It took me a little while to find someone reliable to fix the garage door and the clicker, but after some hours on the internet I found the people for the job. The people I finally chose were the fine gentlemen at Gary’s Garage Door Repair and boy was I ever happy that I did.

Initially I choose them for a few key reasons. First and foremost I had read a great number of extremely positive reviews about Gary’s Garage Door Repair and everybody only had praise to give them. Another reason I chose them was because their prices seemed decent; they weren’t too high to be unaffordable, but they weren’t so low as to call the quality of their work into question. I was going for a mix of low price and quality which is exactly what I got with these guys. Sadly I could not find anyone to fix my camera because it was totaled past all point of reasonable repair and it ended up being cheaper to buy a new one.

One of Gary’s employees came by the very next day to fix the door. I didn’t think that one man could do it all and I was right, which was why he called in backup once he saw how badly I had mangled the door. Anyway, after a few hours of buffering, straightening, hammering, soldering, and a whole lot of noise my garage door was finally fixed.

The only problem was that I had forgotten to tell them that my clicker was broken, but that wasn’t their fault! Anyway, after it was all said and done I finally went out to buy a new camera too. My next road trip is going to be in a minivan with good brakes and with a brand new state of the art camera.

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