Taking my Camera on a Camping Holiday

I love to go camping and I do it multiple times per year, sometimes I even go in the winter time! I love the great outdoors. In fact one of my other favorite things to do is to take pictures for my photography blog and the woods is the perfect place to get in some quality shots.

One of the drawbacks can be finding the right camping tent. That’s why I went to What Camping Tent to find out what camping tent was best for me. Anyway after I had found the right camping tent it was time to hit the woods.

My Campsite

One of the best things to take pictures of when I’m out camping in the woods is my campsite. I really like to set up a big and elaborate campsite and then take pictures of it to show others how much fun I’m having. I don’t mean to show off, but I also really like having a great camping set up. Taking pictures of my tent and the giant load of gear I have with me is great for both my camping and photography blogs. There’s just something about the red tent in the bright green woods that really stands out; the contrast makes for a fantastic picture every time!

The Sunset

Going camping is a lot different from being in the city, one of the main reasons for this being that you can actually see the sky. Being out in Mother Nature lets me see the sunset and all of the colors it entails every night. Personally pictures of sunsets are some of my favorite shots to get. Speaking of being able to see things, getting pictures of the stars and the moon is something else that I really love to do, especially because in the city the light pollution makes it so that I can’t get a picture of a single star, but now that I’m out in the woods I can see whole constellations! I took a picture of every single star constellation that I could see and now I’m thinking of opening up my own star gazing blog too.

The Wildlife

I am a huge animal lover ad a big part of that is getting pictures of them to put on my blogs and in my personal albums. The last time I went camping I managed to get a shot of a grizzly bear and a moose, but the thing I am really looking for is a hawk or a bald eagle to photograph up close. I may have to climb a tree to get that perfect shot of a majestic predatory bird swooping down on its prey! None the less, animals are some of my favorite things to take pictures of, especially when they are kind enough to pose for me!

The Camp Fire

The last thing that provides for a great photo shoot opportunity when I go camping is the camp fire itself. All of the colors and shapes that appear in the fire are amazing for taking some really neat photos. I especially like to fool around with the settings on my camera to get some cool shots, one of my favorite being the long exposure shot.

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