Taking A Great Photo For Your Graduation Announcement Cards

Taking a good grad photo is a really fun experience because it is a picture that you will look at for years to come, but getting that great grad picture is a lot easier said than done.

One of the biggest factors when it comes to getting this picture right is actually the photographer who takes it. Yes you can always use different templates such as Infoparrot’s templates for graduates to add some cool backgrounds or effects, but the majority of the work does lie with the photographer.

As a photographer you don’t want to ruin someone else’s grad photo, so if you are an amateur then you may want to follow these tips so you can make everybody’s graduation photo a great one.

Shooting From Below The Subjects Eye Line

One of the best tips you can follow so you can give all of those happy students a great grad picture is to always shoot them from slightly below their eye line. Or in other words you want the camera lens and the tripod to always be slightly below the eyes of the subject and you want to shoot up at them.

Most people prefer having a picture shot from a slightly lower angle because it makes the subject look slightly taller and of course people want to look tall in photos. Some people who are extremely tall may prefer to have a picture taken from a slightly higher angle, but the judgment is up to the photographer to make based on the actual height of each person in question.

Have Everything Ready To Go

One thing that you want to be sure to do is to have all of your equipment, back drops, and lighting set up and ready to go. One of the reasons for this is because if you are taking one grad photo then chances are that you are taking several hundred of them, so you don’t want to be getting the set ready last minute.

Another thing you should do besides having the lighting and background ready to go well before you start is to also prepare your camera and set all of the preferred settings for portrait photography; take some test shots before you start taking the real grad photos to see if everything is ideal. Speaking of settings, you are going to want to choose a setting that is ideal for mid-range shots that will provide HD clarity.

Take A Candid Shot

Many photographers like to make the graduates strike a certain pose for the picture, usually with their fist propping up their chin, but the problem with this is that they can look fake and it is obvious that the subject was told to pose; it just doesn’t look natural.

People want a natural and happy looking grad photo which is why a good idea is to shoot candidly. In other words simply get the subject in the frame and let them pose as they want. You can even just talk with your subject and have them move around a little bit; take a few pictures of them while talking and choose the one that looks the most natural.

People who strike a pose often look pressured or unhappy because they are concentrating on their position so much which is definitely not ideal for a shot that is supposed to resemble one of the happiest days of the grad’s life.

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