Why Beginner Photographers Shouldn’t Photograph Fire Performers

A really great idea for any wedding, special event or gathering of any type is to hire some fire entertainers. These guys can juggle fire, breathe fire, and pretty much survive on the raging flames that are their life and their source of income.

I have honestly never seen better entertainment than when I saw a fire juggling show last year in Las Vegas. I was so inspired by the show that as a professional photographer I started to take a ton of pictures to publish in a nice little set of entertainment pieces.

Well let me tell you that taking good pictures of fire entertainers is not nearly as easy as it sounds. Of course I was able to manage because I’ve been in the business for over 30 years now, but not everybody might have the same experience.

If you are a beginner, taking photos of fire performers probably isn’t the best idea because the pictures may not turn out very well, that is of course if you don’t follow any of these tips! Continue reading “Why Beginner Photographers Shouldn’t Photograph Fire Performers” »