How to Photograph Tumble Dryers

Taking good pictures when trying to sell something is crucial to success, but it isn’t as easily done as it is said. I was recently reading a bunch of tumble dryer reviews of Trocknerland and there was one thing that really stood out to me. I noticed that they had done an excellent job of taking great pictures of their dryers. Keep reading and take in some tips on how to take good pictures of appliances like a dryer for the purposes of sale. Continue reading “How to Photograph Tumble Dryers” »

Sun In Scotland

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Fisher Price Perfect Photo, possibly the best looking camera ever.

After seeing some very grainy, black and white images taken with a Fisher Price toy camera I was inspired and consequently headed straight for eBay. A few days later my new (well, used), very funky looking toy camera arrived. With a stash of 35mm films, I took it to a friend’s house to test it out. I felt instantly like I was 5 years old again, and loved every minute.

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POTM – Internationally Acclaimed Photographer… Michael Kenna!

Well, we have to say, we can think of no better way to end 2010 than with a bang. So, we are very, very happy to have Michael Kenna as our last POTM for 2010. Michael is the author of many books, of which “Japan” is our favourite. Michael’s images are on display in galleries all across the globe and we are proud to introduce you to his work, if you have not yet seen it.

Here is our quick Q & A with Michael:

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A confession around 35mm

I love my Diana. I love every moment, every experiment, every light-leak’y and blurry image, every dark cornered and soft-focused picture, every perfect and imperfect photograph that the awesome box has taken so far- I simply love my Diana. And I love medium format film. I am not sure whether it is the backing paper, the spools or the great negatives – it could even be down to the fact that 120 rolls fit just perfectly into my film dryer; I really can’t put my finger on it. All I know is, that a Diana fed with medium format film, is my idea of happiness.

So, now I have got this off my chest, let’s get this review of ‘analogue-lifestyle-and-something-satisfyingly-different-to-what-I-just-mentioned’ going. Continue reading “A confession around 35mm” »

Behold…The Lubitel 2!

I’ve always like Twin Lens Reflex Cameras, from an asthetic point of view anyway. Never really looked into what the photos are like, but after getting the opportunity to get one for peanuts, I decided to snap it up!

The camera is a brilliant bit of kit. The Lubitel 2, is one of the earlier models but still takes great photos. The idea with the TLR Cameras is that you hold them around your waist/stomach area and look through the viewfinder at the top. The top lense is the one the viewfinder linked to, and the bottom one is linked to the shutter. The two lenses are linked by simple cogs, so when you focus one, it focusses the other, therefore directly linking what you see through the viewfinder to what you eventually take, at the time, this was a revolutionary idea! Continue reading “Behold…The Lubitel 2!” »