Icons Versus Photographs For SEO Agencies

For a graphic marketing company the images they use on their website as well as for the clients they are making advertisements for are some of the most important parts. Words and catchy slogans are fine for advertisement, but without the right pictures a fancy slogan wouldn’t get far at all.

You know what they say; a picture speaks a thousand words. For a company like SEO Essex the right images can make all of the difference. The question that many people ask when engaging in graphic marketing is what is better to use, an icon or an image?

Well there is no clear cut answer to this, but let’s just do a little comparison of the 2 to give you a better idea of what you are looking for.

The Resolution

One of the big differences to keep in mind when choosing between pictures and icons is that the resolution and quality of a picture will be severely decreased when the image is shrunk or enlarged. That means if the picture you are looking to use is not of adequate size you will have to alter it and through that process the picture quality will decrease.

The same is not true for an icon which will not lose resolution or picture quality when its size is altered. In this case an icon is much better to use if the picture you are looking for does not exist or is not of the right size.

Finding The Right Image

As we already touched on before, the right image for what you are trying to do may not always be around. It’s really hard to create an image because to make a good one you will more than likely need to spend a lot of money and hire photographer to get the exact image you want.

On the other hand an icon can simply be created using some specialized software. Sure you can hire someone to create personalized icons, but it can easily be done by yourself.


Generally speaking it is a lot harder to attach a hyperlink to a picture than it is to an icon. This is partially because people just expect icons to be hyperlinked while they do not expect the same of simple pictures.

Also an icon does often symbolize that there is a hyperlink whereas with a picture people may not think to click in it in the first place and that means that people won’t end up seeing what you are trying to show them.

The Look

Another thing about pictures that is harder to manipulate is their overall look. Sure you can do quite a bit in a program like Photoshop, but at the end of the day it’s going to be the same picture as was taken by the camera.

On the other hand an icon can be created from scratch and designed exactly the way you want. You can use some cool programs to make some neat icons that really stand out, more so than any picture will stand out.

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