Best Action Cameras For Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking and Roller Blading

Being on the go and getting exercise is a really important part of my life. I love to do things like mountain biking, rock climbing, and I love to go do a lot of roller blading too. I like taking videos of the fast paced sports and activities that I take part in, but before I go out buying an expensive item I felt that I should do a little action camera comparison.

I wanted to make sure that the camera I got has all of the features needed to take a great video shot while I’m mountain biking down a steep slope. Here are some of the features that I deemed to be most important when it came to choosing the right action camera.

Frames Per Second

One of the most important things for getting a good action shot of myself mountain biking are the frames per second at which my action camera can shoot at. Mountain biking down a steep slope means moving at high speeds and experiencing a lot of bumps.

A good action shot needs to capture every detail and it needs to capture every movement no matter how fast it happens. For this reason I need a camera that can capture at minimum 48 frames per second because any less than that will leave my action shot looking choppy, kind of like lag or buffer time when streaming a movie.

Mounting Capabilities

Another thing that is really important to me when I’m looking for a good action camera is how it mounts on various things. If I am mountain biking then I want my action camera to be able to attach to the handle bars of my bike. If I am roller blading then I prefer the camera to be mounted on my chest and if I am rock climbing then I prefer my action camera to be mounted on my helmet. Where the camera is mounted will make a big difference as to how the video turns out and therefore having the option to mount it to various places and items is crucial for me.

It needs to be a solid action camera with a reliable mounting mechanism that can attach to various places, not to mention that it needs to be able to stay where it is place even over the roughest terrain. When speeding down a mountain side I don’t want my camera falling out of the mount and hitting the ground.


When choosing a good action camera I want a camera that can take very clear shots. Having an action camera if it can’t actually capture all of the action is pretty useless. If I am biking down a sunlit mountain side with lots of flowers, plants, and shadows I need a camera that can handle those rapid changes in scenery.

The camera needs to be HD or as close to high definition as possible and it needs to be able to clearly show even the subtlest of lighting and color differences. Clarity is key when choosing an action camera because if it isn’t clear then my mountain biking video will just like a big bumpy blur with the occasional shot of a rock without anything of value.

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