About me

me-sushi-295x300I know that photographs are a form of reference. Where you were, who was there, what you were doing. But on occasion, as art, photographs transcend mere reference and like a great song, can make that moment “something more.” That “something more” is the ongoing motivation for me and my work.

As a self-taught photographer and self-proclaimed smart-ass. When not wasting film in musty, archaic, plastic toy cameras, long sleepless nights are spent watching bad movies with titles like “The World’s Greatest Sinner” and “Blood Feast.” These bad movies and their zero budget cinematography, no doubt, have influenced my work in some way, but so my fellow Kentuckian Ralph Eugene Meatyard.

Black & White and Color photography, captured non-digitally, printed traditionally using (gasp) silver and paper.

I’m is an artist, educator, soccer-dad, former rock star and talk radio host and I like to write words about pictures.