The Abrupt End To My Journey

Hey guys, I’m back to give you another little snippet from my life. Of course I’m here to give you some advice, but I also just like to tell my stories to others. This particular story involves a faulty brake line, a garage door, and a very disgruntled person, also known as myself. Anyway let’s get right to it.

Last month I was returning home from quite a long business trip where I was taking stunning photos for my photography website and I managed to completely destroy my garage door as I was getting home in the middle of the night. My first thought was where am I going to find garage door repair in Las Vegas at this time of night? Continue reading “The Abrupt End To My Journey” »

What Accessories Do I Need For My Phone?

I love using my smart phone for pretty much everything in my daily life because they are so convenient and they can do so many different things that I can’t manage to do on my own.

The problem with smart phones like an iPhone or an Android is that they still often need accessories to do certain things and if I want to do something like take a good picture, go for a jog with my phone, or charge it on the go, I am going to need some specific accessories, all of which I am most likely going to buy from Campad Electronics. Here are some of the accessories that I am currently looking to buy. Continue reading “What Accessories Do I Need For My Phone?” »