A confession around 35mm

I love my Diana. I love every moment, every experiment, every light-leak’y and blurry image, every dark cornered and soft-focused picture, every perfect and imperfect photograph that the awesome box has taken so far- I simply love my Diana. And I love medium format film. I am not sure whether it is the backing paper, the spools or the great negatives – it could even be down to the fact that 120 rolls fit just perfectly into my film dryer; I really can’t put my finger on it. All I know is, that a Diana fed with medium format film, is my idea of happiness.

So, now I have got this off my chest, let’s get this review of ‘analogue-lifestyle-and-something-satisfyingly-different-to-what-I-just-mentioned’ going. Continue reading “A confession around 35mm” »