Behold…The Lubitel 2!

I’ve always like Twin Lens Reflex Cameras, from an asthetic point of view anyway. Never really looked into what the photos are like, but after getting the opportunity to get one for peanuts, I decided to snap it up!

The camera is a brilliant bit of kit. The Lubitel 2, is one of the earlier models but still takes great photos. The idea with the TLR Cameras is that you hold them around your waist/stomach area and look through the viewfinder at the top. The top lense is the one the viewfinder linked to, and the bottom one is linked to the shutter. The two lenses are linked by simple cogs, so when you focus one, it focusses the other, therefore directly linking what you see through the viewfinder to what you eventually take, at the time, this was a revolutionary idea! Continue reading “Behold…The Lubitel 2!” »